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A market leader in Explainable AI

Innovative dashboarding tools that merge mobility data with Dynamic Predictive Segmentation for driving insights & audience-building. 

Software for enabling Dynamic Predictive Segmentation, campaign measurement and audience-building.


Global Leader in Receipt Processing

We capture rich, detailed receipt data and provide in-depth analysis, modeling promotions and rebates with unparalleled speed and cost effectiveness.

Transit Loyalty & Engagement Platform

Getting your brand in front of Active Transit audiences with a unique loyalty-based advertising platform for transit agencies and brands. Utilizes the power of mobile to connect public transit agencies with brands seeking to reach captive audiences while creating an omnified experience by connecting the brand messaging throughout their journey.

Where Craft & Mexican Style Intersect

The world's first artisanal vodka that is 4 times distilled & infused with organic drinking vinegar, formulating the smoothest flavored tasting vodka.

Bringing the best of Innovative Adult Beverage Brands

An Ultra-premium Tequila 100% estate grown blue agave Cultivated in volcanic soil in highlands of Nayarit, Mexico High-brix with robust flavor

Simple but complex. Pure. Cultural and elegant. Smooth. It’s how Estoque is crafted, resulting in a sophisticated experience with similar characteristics in flavor and finish.