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Unlocking Spending Potential,
Home by Home

Would you change your marketing if you knew how much each household spent with your competitor?

SpendPoint delivers the Most Comprehensive Understanding of Household Spend and guarantees deep new insights that will improve your ROI.         

By identifying the total value of their shopper marketers can make more rational investment decisions, home by home, and change the conversation on how to spend their limited budgets.

With SpendPoint’s Audience Identification Dashboard, Performance Audience Analytics, and Audience Deployment partnerships marketers can quickly identify and access the most valuable shoppers who can increase their business.

Let’s have a conversation to help you…
  • Gain access to Spend Data Identifying Highest Value Households in 1,000+ Household Spending Categories
  • Achieve Better Models and Insights
  • Define Precision Digital Campaign Targeting
  • Access Machine Learning for Continuous Improvement and Patent Pending Predictive Platfom

Health and Comfort REiMAGINED

Tahmo is bringing to market smart and connected health and comfort products for consumers and clinical applications. Tahmo’s products are in the mobile health (mHealth) market which is experiencing rapid growth. 

The mHealth market growth is driven by consumer and care provider’s demand for more connected and smart devices. Tahmo introduced its first product, Tempi, in late 2017 and is in the process of developing three additional products for 2018. 

Tahmo’s vision is to become an innovative player in the mobile health market segment by creating solutions that are functionally superior to other products. 

Our focus will be on three core consumer needs areas: Wearable Medical Devices, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Devices, and Cloud Based Services.

Let’s have a conversation to help you…
  • Understand Strategy, Distribution, Pricing, and Partnership with Tempi and the entire line of Tahmo smart health and comfort products. 
  • See how Tahmo – Tempi fits with your vertical: Wine, Pet, Cigars, Construction, In-Home health, etc.

Customer Experience Management

Imagine your website/mobile app had a brain…What would it tell you? Not just that there’s an issue with checkout abandonment, but why there’s an issue. Not just about what customers are doing, but about every single click, swipe and mouse movement.

This is Glassbox, The website analytics platform designed specifically for enterprise, that bring insight and intelligence to your digital operations. 

With Glassbox at your side, Chief Data Officers, Customer Experience, Customer Service, IT and Compliance have what they need to optimize, future-proof and protect your business. And that means your business is truly prepared for whatever life throws at it. It’s time to give your website/mobile app a voice.

Let’s have a conversation to help you…

  • View and optimize your customers journey in realtime
  • Bring insights and intelligence to your digital channels
  • Leverage an enterprise solution to optimize your digital interactions
  • Solve crucial insights on customer struggles and experience issues
  • Transform digitally recorded information into priceless insight

Out of Home Advertiser Premium Digital Locations

Becker Boards is the largest privately held billboard company in the state of Arizona market founded in 2008.  Our company specializes in one thing: providing the most impactful billboards in the most sought-after locations throughout Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Our premium digital locations allow the advertiser to run multiple ads on a single billboard with the ability to change messages

 Let’s have a conversation to help you…

  • Large inventory presence while receiving high level customer service from a boutique company
  • Major OOH formats offered; static, digital and wallscapes
  • Unique coverage in areas/cities with limited or no OOH supply

Additional Partners are coming

We are consistently in discussion with new partners that will be complimentary to our current partners and bring added value to you.

This will include partners that can help you enhance your e-commerce understanding and fundamentals, and deliver scalable promotional and loyalty products and services.

 Let’s have a conversation to help you…

  • Reach your goals
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